12 kinds of flanges


Blind Flange
It is a flange without any bore in the middle in order to block off media through a pipeline, like what welded cap and casing cap function, except that only casing cap and blind flange are able to be uninstalled at any time.

Blind Flange with Anti-Corrosion Lining
It is a kind of blind flange whose side which is close to media is welded with stainless steel and is used as a blind plate that blocks off corrosive media.

Lap Joint Flange with Welding Neck Collar
It is a movable flange assorted with fitting for water supply and drainage.

The main purpose of using lap joint flange with welding neck collar is saving materials, which is by making flange plate with low-grade materials and the tube part using the same materials with 

1. Saving cost
2. Being able to connect with pipes that are inconvenient to weld, such as plastic pipes, RPM pipes
3. Easy installation

1. It can only withstand low pressure
2. Low intensity (especially when 
thickness is less than 3mm)

Lap Joint Flange with Welding-on Collar
It is also a movable flange plate that is directly connected with 
pipeline, and screws used in the device. The structure of lap joint flange with welding-on collar can be divided into two parts: pipe, which connects with pipeline on one of its end side and the other end side is designed as a cuff; along with flange plate that is set on the cuff.

1. Being able to connect with pipes such as plastic pipes, RPM pipes
2. Easy construction
3. Saving cost

1. Being unable to bear with high pressure
2. Low intensity (especially when 
thickness is less than 3mm)

Slip-on Flange (US standard)
Slip-on Flange is a spare part that connects pipe and pipe, with bores, and screw bolts can be threaded on it so as to connect two flanges, between which a gasket is used for sealing. After screws are tightened, the gasket will deform and fill the irregular surface due to the ratio of surface sealing pressure has reached 
to a certain figure, thus the connection will be leakless. Connecting by flanges is a dismountable connection type that can be categorized into vessel flanges and pipe flanges according to which part they are going to connect. Normally, slip-on flanges are applicable to connecting with pipes whose nominal pressure are under 2.5MPa.

The structure of welding slip-on flange and pipe has a relatively high strength, rigidity and reliable sealability, also, it is practical enough to be able to withstand high temperature and pressure, repeated bending as well as temperature fluctuation. Slip-on flanges with 0.25-2.5MPa pressure adopt M&F (male and female) face type.

Welding Neck Flange (US standard)
Welding neck flange (US standard) has two manufacturing methods: forging and casting. The connection is with two flange plates and one gasket between them, which are tightened by screws through the bores on the flange.